You’ll discover many varieties of gourds, some you may know and others may be new to you. I’m sure whichever variety you choose you’ll be delighted with them. Feed back from a recent customer survey showed that 80% of seeds germinated. Of course gardening experience and favourable weather conditions are a help. Gourd shapes will vary from the photo in some cases. You’ll only find the freshest and newest varieties of Gourd seeds right here, because we are the specialists.


1. Seed types are not always available each year
and may take 1-2 years to be back in stock.
2. Re-using seed from a gourd is not recommended.
This may result in loss of shape and encourage disease.
3. There is enough seed in a packet to plant in an average size back yard
Or a bulk packet for a bigger area.

4. Read instructions on packet and keep for reference.
5. To get the best mixture of gourd shapes it is important
that you plant all or at least most of your seeds.
6. You can expect to grow 2-20 gourds from each packet
Depending on your experience.

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Happy Gourding!

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