The 1st and Only Australian Gourd Craft Book Tracey and I have just finished writing Australia’s 1st and only book on crafting gourds. Well it’s now been about 5 years since I wrote the Gourd Growers Handbook and many people have grown their gourds but now need to know what to do with them.
A Step by Step Guide to Gourd Craft” combines all of the basic information you need to start crafting your gourds. Anyone can approach these projects easily and develop their skills. This means you can use the various techniques you’ve learnt, no matter what beautiful item or design you want to create from your gourds. We’ve combined all of the basic information you need to get started. It has taken us many hours of hands on experience to nut out the steps, techniques and top secrets to help you get maximum benefits from your gourds. We travelled to the USA in 1994 to get ideas, visiting gourd shows, gourd farms, talking to gourd people and took many photos all in preparation for this new craft book.
It’s Easy When You Know How!
The new gourd craft book specifically deals with all the basic aspects involved with crafting your gourds, from washing the mould off, to cutting, scraping and cleaning them. We show you the right tools for the job and have them listed conveniently for you in our catalogue. The book has a soft cover and contains 34 projects, top secret techniques, gourd ideas, 105 black and white photos & 86 sketches to give you lots of fantastic ideas to inspire you.

Australia’s first and only gourd book, written by me, John Van Tol, for Australian conditions. Written in simple, easy to understand English so that you’ll get the maximum benefit from growing your gourds. The book covers some 24 topics, 15 photos and 13 line drawings to give you better identification. Over 5 years of knowledge and hands-on experience.
Cost $14.30 + p&h (soft cover).

By Tracey & John Van Tol Easy When you Know How! Features 10 top secret techniques, 34 projects, 105 black & white photos, 86 sketches and a gourd identification chart to give you lots of ideas and inspire you. The best hands-on book to get you started. We show you all the basic tools and techniques you need to use no matter what items of beauty you want to create from your gourds.
Cost $25.30 plus p&h (soft cover).

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