Gourd Art & Gifts

Fairy House
Made out of a
flat rounded Bottle.
This Fairy House was made out of a Gourd that was damaged and cracked.
We simply cut the widows and openings in the damaged spots.
A good way to use your second grade gourds.
Use this Gourd as a guide
to help you construct your own gourd house project.
(Bottle Gourd 4A)

A Bear House
With 2 stories windows and hinged doors, Gourds are excellent scorce to make and create these individual minature homes For big kids and small.
(Flat Rounded Bottle 20a)

Is a lovely way to
decorate your gourds
and bring them to life.
Also a good way to cover up some badly blemished
or small cracked gourds. The Decoupage
and estapol will help strengthen the gourd.
(Bottle Gourd 4a)

Gourd Mobile
Using the top of a Bottle gourd and some different shaped ornamental gourds.
Looks great-fun project, and also be colourfully decorated to hang in a child or babys room with faces and things on them.


These few projects are some of the many in The Step By Step Guide to Gourd Craft. (Book) Order yours today!

Meet Bronni,
a lovely Gourd Lady
and friend who loves experimenting with various ways of decorating her gourds, she often sends her crafted gourds in exchange to the USA. and sells her crafted gourds at weekly and monthly markets
Here are some of Bronni's many creations.
Here are some of Bronni's many creations.


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