It was great to welcome your visit today. Thank you so much for taking the time to view our web site in the interest of gourds, their culture, growing habits and craft.

"I bet you're as excited as I was when I first started growing gourds".

You probably have thousands of questions that you'd like answered right now! Just like me... However, when I first started growing gourds there was very little information available.

"Thats all changed now!"

As well as this site offering a selection of invaluable books
full of gourd information, I have written and made available
to you the first gourd growers handbook specifically for

Australian conditions.

You will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That's Right!
If you are not completely delighted with your 'Gourd Growers Handbook'
and feel that you have not learnt or benefited from your book in any way.
Then I will refund your money.

Did you know that Gourds are the worlds most versatile vegetable?
You will soon start to see once you have grown your own gourds.
I first started growing gourds because they were so easy to grow,
not to mention how much fun it was discovering the different shapes and colours. Whether you are a gardener or a beginner like I was,
gourds have something to offer everyone.
By the way, gourds are also a great way to get your children interested
in gardening as they have a great success rate and grow so fast.
"Imagine!" being able to grow your own Christmas presents.
You'll not only save money... but what joy you will bring to your friends.
With a home grown, hand made gift from you... That is special!
Or, you can grow your own musical instruments!
Gourds make excellent resonators.
Attract birds to your garden with your very own birdhouse and feeders.
Why not grow your own loofah bath sponges which are great for washing.
Or you can use them for raising seedlings.

By now you must be beginning to see just how many endless uses there are for the many fantastic and wonderful varieties of gourds you will be able to grow.

Aren't they great?

To give a friend a gourd or to receive a gourd as a gift,
With it go the best things in life.


Here's some comments from Fellow Gourdians:-
"Dear John, we were very touched with the Gourd Growers Handbook.

Great job, easy reading and very informative! Congratulations!"
John Wood, Geelong VIC.
"Jen Suttie gave me a packet of your gourd seeds
to grow up here in Queensland.
I was fascinated with her gourds
and the way she carved and painted them.
This whole new concept of painting the gourds
has given me the excitement of a new challenge.
Sandra Murray - QLD

Lennore McNee from the Northern Territory
wrote that she was absolutely delighted,
"Only having ever seen the longhandle dipper variety as a child.
I didn't realise how many different varieties there were.
I'm hoping to do some craft on them and put them in this years rural show.

"May your gourds bring you much happiness."

Have a great day!

Happy Gourding

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