The 7 Most Asked Questions About Growing Gourds

1.When do I plant my seeds? It depends what part of Australia you live in, normally from Spring (mid September to early December) after the danger of frost has passed.
2. Can I grow gourds in a small area? Yes, gourds can be grown in a small area by taking the tip out of the main vine when it reaches 1.8 to 2.4 metres or you can grow them on a fence or trellis.
3.Are gourds hard to grow? No! If you can grow pumpkins or any other vine crop, you’ll have no trouble growing Gourds.
4.Are gourds edible? Some people eat the gourd fruit when it is Very young. However as the fruit matures it has a sour, bitter taste. No, you can’t eat them.
5. How long will gourds take to grow? Gourds take approximately 3 to 4 months to grow before they are ready to harvest.
6.Should I plant my seeds direct or raise them as seedlings? Best results are achieved by planting your seeds direct. Seedlings will suffer from shock when transplanting so it is not recommended.
7. How long do gourds take to dry? Gourds take approximately 2 - 6 months to dry depending on the thickness of the shell. You’ll find answers to these questions and many others that you may have in Australia’s first and only Gourd Grower’s Handbook. Happy Gourding

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